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Adjustable Dumbbells (In Store Pickup Only)

Adjustable Dumbbells (In Store Pickup Only)

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DumbbellConnect by JAXJOX.

Pair of adjustable dumbbells that can connect via Bluetooth to the free JAXJOX app to track progress. Adjustable from 8lb to 50lb.

The adjustable dumbbell is perfect for targeting the legs, chest, back, arms, shoulders, and core. Its sleek design feels like a standard dumbbell whether you are lifting 8 or 50 pounds. Both ergonomic and versatile. The DumbbellConnect replaces an entire rack of weights and packs 100 pounds into two adjustable dumbbells. Its space-saving design allows you to store it anywhere in your home and makes it easy for you to transport it. See how you are performing during an on-demand workout with JAXJOX-powered performance tracking. Real-time metrics include reps, weight, sets, time, avg power, and total volume.

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