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BATTLE Oxygen Football Mouthguard 3D & Predator with Convertible Strap

BATTLE Oxygen Football Mouthguard 3D & Predator with Convertible Strap

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Searching for reliable protection on the football field? Look no further than the Battle Football Mouthguard, offering top-notch defense while keeping you comfortable and agile throughout the game.

The Battle Oxygen Football Mouthguard is designed without the need for boiling, this mouthguard is an instant favorite among athletes. Whether you have braces or not, the Battle Football Mouthguard provides a secure fit and does not interfere with braces or dental work. This ensures that you can focus on your performance without distractions or worry that your teeth or your braces aren't properly protected.

One of this mouthguard's standout features is its ability to aid in the opening of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) which ensures that your jaw stays properly aligned during intense gameplay. When it comes to breathability, this mouthguard excels with its maximum breathability design, allowing you to breathe easily without compromising protection.

Constructed with advanced composite materials, the Battle Football Mouthguard offers durability and impact absorption, keeping you safe from potential injuries. It comes equipped with an absorber shield and an attachable strap for added convenience and security during intense plays.

  • Provides instant fit without boiling
  • Helps open TMJ for enhanced comfort

If you're seeking a mouthguard that prioritizes both protection and performance, the Battle Football Mouthguard is your winning choice.

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